Deadly, perhaps, but 1960s Paris is still a good place to be

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There’s a comforting familiarity in settling down to the latest “Maigret”. Not unusually, this one opens at 1am and the Detective Chief Inspector and his colleague Janvier, after taking turns all day, have just successfully concluded an unpleasant 20-hour interrogation that relentlessly pushed a kid to the limits of human endurance until he suddenly cracked. They’ve solved a case where young men on motorbikes had been robbing jewellers. As regular readers know, such a long ordeal leaves Maigret exhausted and feeling grumpy rather than pleased. But also, when he returns home in the early hours of the rainy November night, the faithful Madame Maigret gets up in her nightdress to greet him. Simenon has brought us similar happenings before – detection and domesticity – and we are used to them and like them.
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