Severe Storms Possible Across Extreme South Alabama

A new tornado watch is in effect for the southern counties of Alabama, including Covington, Coffee, and Dale counties until 7PM tonight. A warm front is expected to lift into south Alabama...

América Latina

Mayor presupuesto militar de Europa, es para “construir autonomía, no para comprar armas a EU: Macron

El presidente francés afirmó hoy que si los europeos aumentan el presupuesto militar es para “construir” su autonomía, no para “comprar armas...


No mail today

No mail today Alexandria is the latest community to see its post office shut down by a rotating strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). Since October 22,...


Mozambique: CIP Opposes Using Gas Revenues to Pay Illegal Debts

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's main anti-corruption NGO, the Centre for Public Integrity (CIP), has accused the government of "mortgaging the well-being of Mozambicans" to pay off the illegal debts...


«Das Weihnachtsessen ist ein Belohnungsritual»

15’000 Franken für 32 Personen, das war der Armee zu viel. Warum klingelts hier keinem? Gerhard Fatzer weiss, wie Organisationen ticken.


Na večeru Jurija Gustinčiča tudi o odgovornosti medijev

Na četrtem večeru Jurija Gustinčiča z naslovom Kdo je močnejši od sedme sile?, ki sta ga pripravila Društvo Slovenija Rusija in ljubljanska fakulteta za...


The great man blows his top

Regular readers of the "Maigret" books well know that their hero can be a grumpy old devil, chewing on his pipe and chewing out his colleagues. When a case isn’t going well, it’s...