Why Knowing Everything About Your Insurance Before Disaster Strikes is Important

When a disaster strikes, it pays to have important things in place – like insurance. It’s one thing to actually have home insurance. But to actually know what it covers and to have...


Snow day 3

Snow day 3 Make it Snow Day Number 3 this week as Old Man Winter decided to give us another helping of snow last night and today. We can look forward to milder temperatures,...


Africa: Italy Accuses France of 'Impoverishing Africa'

[VOA] A diplomatic spat between Italy and France over migration to Europe is a likely forerunner of coming political battles in the run-up to European Parliament elections, according to analysts.


Delo: Gašpar Mišič odslej županov pooblaščenec in svetovalec v Marjetici

Nekdanji svetovalec koprskega župana Borisa Popoviča in direktor Marjetice Koper Gašpar Gašpar Mišič ima pri novem koprskem županu Alešu Bržanu...


Classic eats, classic beats

After making the big decision to open a third Spíler restaurant in Budapest, Roy Zsidai turned his mind to thinking of a suitable theme for the place. Spíler Original at Gozsdu...